Data & AssessmentAssessments: Summary and Demographic Data EntryImport Data into a Summary Assessment or Demographic

Import Data into a Summary Assessment or Demographic

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. If your assessment is not open, click Assessments.

2. Under General, click List Assessments.  Select your assessment.

Import Data File

Import Data File

Click Responses, then Import Student Data from a File.

At this point, you need to have a preexisting file in mind for your upload, and it must be saved in one of the following formats:

- Comma Delimited

- Tab Delimited

- Semicolon Delimited

- Colon Delimited

Here (above) is an example of what my Excel/.xls file looked like before I turned it into a Tab Delimited file by opening the file, clicking File, selecting Save As, and selecting the new file format from the Save As Type drop down menu. Notice that I widened my columns sufficiently in the initial file so that none of my data will "jump columns" during the transfer. Also note that my file contains a column with Student ID data.

Select Comma, Tab, Semicolon, or Colon (1) as your file delimiter. If necessary, select importing option. Click Choose File (2). Click Upload File (3).

Choose Importing Option: \LSummary assessments have the ability to contain multiple rows of data per student. If you update student data, you are updating the current result. If you add student data, you are adding a new row of data.

Your file columns should line up with your report columns appropriately. However, you may select different files if you want to change the order/association. Note that you must designate one of your file columns as the Student ID column.

After making sure that your columns are paired appropriately, click Import.

Note: If you see nonsensical content in your column drop down menu, chances are you accidentally uploaded the wrong file type.

You should now see the above message. If not, revisit the steps of this lesson.

If you also see the above message, revisit the Determine Columns step, as you might have accidentally created a Student ID column or you might have selected a wrong column format.

Next Steps

Next Steps

Any time you want to view your summary assessment, merely open it and click the Responses tab to view data. See the "Find a Summary Assessment" lesson for more details.