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Tips for Training - Create a Test (You Already Have the Questions)

These tips can be used to deliver a training on how to create a test when you already have the questions (i.e., without using an itembank).

Training Tips

Show video: VIDEO: Create an Assessment Without Gradecam (10 min)

- Login to system

Create an assessment (15 min)

- Emphasize the need to change the radio button to Manual Setup (You already have the questions.) Enter a title. Explain that by entering a subject, scope and grade level you are able to filter for your assessment. Point out all of the tabs once the assessment is created.

- Setup Tab:

  • Questions-When entering answers, all question types can be used. Examples are multiple choice, true/false, yes/no, rubric. Emphasize that if a rubric is used, the number entered in the ‘Correct’ box reflects the number of points in the rubric and the ‘Points’ box reflects the total number of points. Example: for a 4 point rubric worth 4 points, enter 4 correct and 4 points or for a 5 point rubric worth 20 points, enter 5 correct and 20 points.
  • Standards- Explain that both state and common core standards are available to link to questions. If many standards will be linked, open each cluster by using the plus sign, select your standards and close the cluster. Emphasize the ‘Add Selected Standards’ button at the bottom.
  • Standards Alignment- Show how to link standards to each question. Mention that questions can be linked to more than one standard. Show how green arrow moves the standard to the left and the questions across the top. Note the ‘Save’ button.
  • Sheet Designer- Emphasize that the Sheet Designer must match the answer key in order for scanning to be accurate.
  • Share- Show users how to share the assessment with other users.