Tips for Training - Print an Answer Sheet

These tips can be used to deliver a training on how to print an answer sheet.

Training Tips

Login to system, go to Assessments tab  (5 min)

- Review use of filters to locate assessment quickly.

- Update button needs to be used each time filters are changed.

- Review use of Quick Search field.

Print Answer Sheet from an Assessment  (10 min)

- Open Assessment and point out printing options in bottom left column OR within the Administration tab.

- Explain the answer sheet is designed to match the associated assessment.

- Explain the difference between pre-slugged and blank answer sheets.

Print Generic Answer Sheets (10 min)

- Direct users to the Assessments tab, GradeCam section.

- Explain that these answer sheets can be used with any assessment. There doesn’t need to be a one-to-one relationship between number of questions and number of answer rows.

- Review the difference between pre-slugged and blank answer sheets.

- Explain the use of multiple answer sheets.

Answer Sheet Enhancements (5 min)

NOTE: Reinforce that any of the ideas work but it is necessary to test several answer sheets with the scanner to be used.

- Explain use of sleeves or lamination.

- Explain enlarging bubbles.

- There are many examples of what can be done with answer sheets.  Go to Help > Extras > Cool Things To Do > Cool Things To Do With Answer Sheets