Tips for Training - Scanning

These tips can be used to deliver a training on scanning.

Training Tips

Login to system, go to Assessments tab  (5 min)

  • Review use of filters to locate assessment quickly.  Review use of each column and how filters are entered.
  • Review difference between an Assessment (item by item analysis) and a Summary Assessment (summative data).

Prior to Scanning (5 min)

  • Show how to configure the settings: Assessment > GradeCam > Settings
  • Emphasize the importance of testing prior to the first live scan. Make the first live scan an assessment of little or no value, not a benchmark or final.

Scan a GradeCam Assessment  (5 min)

  • Show the 3 places where scanning can be initiated: List Assessments icon, After opening the assessment ‘Scan Student Answer Sheets’ link on the bottom left or Administration tab > Scan
  • Scan answer sheet; emphasize ‘Save and Continue’ button
  • Explain differences between scanning in Teacher Mode and Student Mode  

Scan a Manual Assessment (10 min)

  • Begin scanning process by clicking the Scan icon next to the assessment name in List Assessments OR
  • Open the assessment and click Scan Student Answer Sheets on bottom left or go to Administration > Scan
  • Review the difference between pre-slugged and blank answer sheets.
  • Explain the use of multiple answer sheets.

Scanning Troubleshooting (5 min)

  • Verify plugin installation.
  • Verify camera shows in Illuminate.
  • Discuss lighting and glare.
  • Give contact information for site expert.