Tips for Training - Student Profile

These tips can be used to deliver a training on accessing and using the student profile.

Training Tips

Student Search  (10 min)

- Have users enter a student name in the search box at the top center of the screen. Explain that the search can be done with a partial first and/or last name or student ID. Searching for students via the center search bar will search all academic years the user has access to (if the district turned this on). Explain this search field is on every page in Illuminate.

- Explain that the page shown contains student demographic information. Have them click the Student Profile link at the top to see academic information.

- Have users scroll through the Student Profile and locate state testing information. Point out that assessment, grade book, and report card information will also display if your district is using these features in Illuminate.

- Give users a chance to pull up the Student Profile for 2-3 students.


Student Profile (10 min)

- Explain that like the Dashboard, the Student Profile is made up of widgets that can be added/removed, minimized or renamed.

- Let the users rearrange their widgets to display the information as they want for each child. What they do for one child will be done for all student's profiles.

- Point out the ability to delete widgets, change the title of the widget, and collapse the widget.

- Explain that each widget can be printed by clicking on the PDF icon located within each widget. However, if the entire profile is to be printed, scroll to the top of the page and you will see the PDF or Print option. If a user wants to print their entire class, they can use the prebuilt report called Student Profile.

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