Tips for Training - System Overview

These tips can be used to deliver a training that introduces users to the Illuminate system.

Training Tips

Login to system (10 min)

-Be sure to know what usernames and default passwords have been set prior to the training. Ask your District what they chose as the default.

-Explain the site dropdown menu choices in the Control Panel if a user needs to select a site.

-Explain to users that Illuminate is web-based so they may access it from anywhere they have an internet connection.


Control Panel (2 min)

-Click on the Control Panel.

-Explain that this is where you can see what site you are logged into, which academic year you are viewing, change your password, logout, or access our help documents.

-If you have student groups created this is also where you can change your visibility to see those students by selecting the group.


Help (10 min.)

-From the Control Panel, click on the Lessons and Video link.

-Explain Illuminate has three products, find the product your district purchased and click on the link.  Most districts purchase Data and Assessment (DnA).

-Explain the help documents have everything relating to how to build, create, or do things in Illuminate.  Click on the Assessment link and show the different lessons we have within a manual.  Let the teachers follow with you.

-Let the teachers find different items in the help system. Give them time to explore so they become familiar with the help system. Show them how to download and print the PDF on the right hand side of each lesson.

-The "EXTRAS - Cool Things to Do" is a great place to look at ideas other districts have shared.