Step 3: Set Up for Your Training

At Illuminate we recognize that sometimes a district's budget and/or schedule does not allow for one of our representatives to visit sites to train your staff ourselves. Thus this "Trainer Toolkit" Chapter (and the lessons contained within) will walk you through the process of conducting a training session yourself.

Be sure to read the "Step 1: Gear Up for Your Training" and "Step 2: Plan Your Training" lessons before this one. This lesson addresses the third of five steps.

2-3 Days Before Training: Copies, Video, and Reminder

Considering all the last minute emergencies that steal your time on a school site, it's vital that you do as much as possible in advance:

1. Make plenty of double-sided photocopies you might have selected to distribute as handouts. The Illuminate Help manual offers many good ones. Often the first non-video lesson in any given chapter provides comprehensive support for users new to the given task. To access the manual, simply click Lessons and Videos from the Control Panel that is in the upper-right corner of your screen whenever you are logged into the Illuminate system.

2. If you plan to play a video at your training, view it on the computer you will use to play it at the training. Some districts' firewalls might block staff members from accessing the videos. If you are unable to view it, contact your network administrator (e.g., in your District Office Technology Services Department) to determine if is blocked. If your district does not opt to unblock it, email with “Send Me 'Creating, Deleting, and Renaming Classes in Gradebook' Video” in the subject heading, and Illuminate will email the video file directly to you. Note that the word "illuminate" is the password you enter to view any Illuminate Help video. Keep this word handy for the day of training.

3. Make sure  components are in place to remind staff (the day before and the day of) about the training.

1 Day Before Training: Practice and Reminder

It cannot hurt (and almost always helps) to practice. If you are prone to nervousness, practice in the same setting (and with the same equipment) you will use for the actual training. Read the "Step 4: Deliver Your Training" lesson for tips.

Give reminders to staff whom will attend the training the next day, as well as staff whom will help out (set up, technical assistance, etc.).

At Least One Hour Before Training: Set Up

Be sure all technology is working and everything is in place. Here is a list of possible training components to check:

- Computers for participants (if applicable)

- Your computer and projector

- Document camera(s) if you will be demonstrating GradeCam, which integrates with the Illuminate system. See the "Having Trouble Scanning with GradeCam" lesson if you have any trouble with your test scan. Note #6 in the lesson in particular, as it relates to presentations:

If you are using an external monitor (e.g., to present Illuminate and GradeCam to fellow staff members), be sure to plug everything in and activate any external displays before launching your browser and starting the scanning. In other words, set everything up as if you never want to scan (e.g., plug in and turn on your monitor and turn on your computer), and then set up for scanning (e.g., plug in and turn on your web camera, open your browser, and log in to the Illuminate system).

- Copies of handouts (agenda, lessons from Help manual, etc.)

- Notes you plan to use

- Mic and audio (if necessary)

- Plenty of seats for all attending

- user names and passwords (or users to log into Illuminate, for accessing your district's Internet network, and for logging on to any computers you are using)

10 Minutes Before Training: Final Reminder

Be sure office staff issues one final loudspeaker announcement reminding staff to attend (using your script from the "Step 2" lesson providing location, time, and purpose of the training).

1 Minute Before Training: Deep Breath

Take a deep breath. You are well-prepared and will do great!

Next Steps

Now you are ready to read the "Step 4: Deliver Your Training" lesson (though, as noted above, you should read this before your actual training takes place).