Step 5: Follow Up After Your Training

At Illuminate we recognize that sometimes a district's budget and/or schedule does not allow for one of our representatives to visit sites to train your staff ourselves. Thus this "Trainer Toolkit" Chapter (and the lessons contained within) will walk you through the process of conducting a training session yourself.

Be sure to read the "Step 1: Gear Up for Your Training", "Step 2: Plan Your Training", "Step 3: Set Up for Your Training", and "Step 4: Delivery Your Training" lessons before this one. This lesson addresses the fifth of five steps.


With any new tool or endeavor, staff members' comfort levels, abilities, and concerns vary. Watch and listen closely for a sense of what support is still needed and supply that support. For example, is a group of power users ready for a training in advanced reporting skills? Could Nervous Nancy pair up with Adept Allan when she scans her tests the first time? Does a group of teachers need a follow-up training in the tech lab after school? Supplying any needed support not only helps staff acquire needed skills, but it also removes any excuse not to use (and thus benefit from) the system.


Follow-up on any established expectations (e.g., visit PLC meetings where staff is supposed to share printouts of their students' performance on the last benchmark, etc.). If a staff member fails to meet an expectation, get to the root of the cause (e.g., Does she need more training? Was the expectation not clearly communicated, etc.). Then intervene as necessary to get the staff member back up to speed.

Next Steps

Staff members will have new training needs as their skills with (and use of) Illuminate advance. When this happens, go back to the "Step 1: Gear Up for Your Training" lesson and begin again in planning for yet another successful training session that will help staff and - through them - students.