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Tips for Training - Assessment Reports: Student Small Slips, Standard Progress and Overview

Login to system  (5 min)

  • Review that data must be entered for reports to display.
  • Read the Assessment Report Abstracts associated to each report in the Help documentation. These are located in the 'Extras: Report Abstracts' Manual OR select the 'i' icon next to the name of a report.

Student Small Slips Report (5 min)

  • Emphasize the use of drop down selections to view individual periods at the middle/high school level.
  • Point out the choices when running the report: Show Standard Overview, Show Responses, and Select Language.
  • If a different choice is made, emphasize the need to click 'Submit' for the changes to occur.
  • Point out the report will automatically generate for one student. Show the links to download the report for the whole section or a selected student.
  • Give users time to generate the report making different choices.

Standard Progress Report (10 min)

  • Emphasize that this report will only give results if two or more assessments have common standards or question groups.
  • Explain that the report compares scores so the first assessment given is the one used to generate the report. (e.g. Open Benchmark 1 and add Benchmark 2.)
  • Demonstrate how to add assessments.
  • Point out how to run the report by standard or question group (if a question group is used).
  • Click on the student percentage to display scores.
  • Show the explanation at the bottom of the report.   

Overview Report (5 min)

  • Explain the report allows a PDF to be generated for overview performance by performance band and mastery. Note that filters can be put in place.
  • Emphasize the 'Next Page' button which shows the standards mastery percentage in chart and graph formats.