Tips for Training - Prebuilt Reports

These tips can be used to deliver a training to teachers on prebuilt reports.

Training Tips

CST Percent Proficient by Class (10 min)

This report will show the overall proficiency and breakdown of each level on the CST.

- Filter by Site, Filter by Enrollment/Roster date, Filter by Student Group or Additional Filters (Demographics).  Explain that the report must be built by selecting the drop downs from top to bottom and working left to right.

- Filter by Enrollment/Roster date defaults to today's roster.  However, if you would like to look at last years students with last years test, change the Enrollment/Roster date to last year.

- Filter by courses/sections is not necessary for elementary teachers.  Teachers who have periods (high school and junior high) can select to view the data by course or by class.

- Filter by demographics (Additional Filters) allows you to narrow the results if you wanted to see the data on specific gender, ethnicities, or EL level. You do not have to select something in these filters.

- Select the test year of CST you would like to view. Note that when you select the subject area, a new drop down appears for the available test.  You must select a test or the report will not work.

- Explain the difference between Download to PDF/Excel and View in browser.

Class Roster with ELA and Math STAR (10 min)

This report will show 3 years of CST data by scaled score and proficiency level.

- Use the first 4 bullets of the above report to begin building this report.

- The report is arranged period by period. Click next page to get to your next period class. Explain that SS is Scaled Score for the past 3 years and PL if Proficiency Level.

CST Cluster Scores - Student List (15 min)

- The report lists (by class period) each student’s performance on a CST as a whole and on each of its content clusters, and summarizes class period performance.

- Use the first 4 bullets of the first report to begin building this report.

- Select the test year, subject area, leave the report type to scores, and select the available test.

- This is a 3 page report. 1. The current page shows the percentage the child received for each cluster and if that was considered proficient (green) or not proficient (red) by the state. 2. Click next page to see the bar graph of the scaled scores. 3. Click next page to see the overall summary of the class.

- Explain the footnote at the bottom of the page helps explain how to read this report.