Tips for Training- How To Guide

A quick guide through the basics of the Illuminate DnA system including Login, where to find Help, accessing Prebuilt Reports, Finding/Scanning an Assessment, and Creating an Assessment.



1. Visit your own Illuminate site with no http, www, etc. in the front. For example,

2. Enter your own username and case-sensitive password, and then click Next.

Get Help

Get Help

1. Select Control Panel for user information.

2. Click Lessons & Videos to access step-by-step instructions and videos.

3. Select the appropriate help manual to search for a lesson or click on any topic.

4. Call 951-739-0186 (PST) or email for more help.

View A Prebuilt Report

View A Prebuilt Report

1. Click on the Reports tab.

2. Click List Reports under the General section.

3. Click on any report title.

4. Make selections within the filters at the top of the page. Then click View in Browser.

*Note: Mark the report as your Favorite by clicking on the silver star in the right corner. *It will now appear in your Favorites widget on your dashboard!

Note, you can:

  • Click Next Page to scroll page by page
  • Download the report to Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel
  • Click any student’s name to “drill down” to his/her Student Profile Report.
  • See graphs (when available) on the last page.

Find or Scan Assessments

Find or Scan Assessments

1. Click Assessments.

2. Click List Assessments under the General section.

3. If you want to narrow your list, choose filters and click Search. Clear will turn off all of your filters at once.

  • Click on any test name to open it, or
  • Click the little camera to the left by any test name to scan student responses

Create An Assessment

Create An Assessment

1. Click Assessments.

2. Click Create a New Assessment under the General section.

If I want to manually type my answers:

1. Select Manual, enter the # of questions on the test, and click Okay.

2. Enter Title (plus any additional information to later help you find the assessment) and click Save.

3. Visit any tabs you like. (See last step below)

If I have a bubbled answer key:

1. Select “On the Fly”, enter the # of questions on the test, and click Okay.

2. Manually enter or scan your answer key and select Save and Continue.

3. Scan students’ answer sheets you want to record (if any). Then select Save & View Results. Click Save as an Assessment to save data and results in your account.



Overview- View basic reports, and general information about the test.

Details- This is an overview of all information related to this assessment.

Setup- Edit Information, Input your Answer Key, Pick Standards, Align Standards, Create Question Groups, Add Performance Bands, Access Materials and Share the assessment.

Administration- Print Answer Sheets, Scan/Enter-Edit students’ responses to test questions or Setup Online Testing Administration.

Reports- Access all in depth reports pertaining to the assessment.

Advanced- Duplicate the assessment, access Assessment Views or Print old answer sheets.