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Customize the Student Demographics Page

This lesson will guide you through the customization of your Student Demographics page. This page can be customized to see just information pertinent to your role. This feature is permission based- if you want to turn on the Page Customization for Demographics, there are two permissions. One is Administrative- 'Administrative Customization' and the other is for the individual user-'Self-Customization'.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Search for a student by using either the Search bar at the top of your page or Click the Students tab and select Search 2.0.

Once you select a student, you will be directed to the Student Demographic Details page. It is set to the default view. To customize what you see on this page, click Manage Layouts at the top of the page.

Customizing your view

Customizing your view

Once you land on the Page Customization List, you will see the default view listed as 'Student Demographics-default', to create your own, select Create New.

1. Give your Custom Layout a Name.

2. Dataset- Select Student_Demographics.

3. Click Save.

1. You will start with one block (The black bars indicate Blocks) of information to customize. You can name it whatever you chose. To this you can add multiple Rows (The grey bars indicate Rows) of information.

2. To add demographic information you want to see in your block/row, simply click and hold your mouse button on a piece of information in the right hand column titled 'Available Fields'. Drag this piece of information to the row you want it to be placed in.

Note: You can re-order in the information in your rows by clicking and holding that piece of information (ex. Birth Date) and moving it to another spot in that row.

3. + Row= Add a row to that Block, + Block= Add a Block of information to your page, + Special Block= This gives you a default block for contact information.

4. Lock- This locks the layout from further editing and allows you to save changes. Share- You have the ability to share this layout with other users. Copy- You can copy this layout and add/edit it. Delete- Delete this layout.

5. Once lock has been selected, it will change to Unlock and the Save Changes button will appear. Click Save Changes. You layout has now been saved and you will be able to chose to use this layout as default.

For Admins: Sharing Student Demographic Layouts

Sharing on the Student Demographics layout page allows District Administrators to set viewing and edit permissions and allow them to grant user permissions to edit student data on Student Demographics page. On the layout edit screen, there is a Share button that opens to new layout sharing page.

1. Chose who you would like to share this layout with.

2. Chose what abilities these users will have on the custom layout: Can Edit Student Data, Can Edit, Can View.

3. Select Share.

Using your Custom Layout

Using your Custom Layout

Access a student via the search bar or Students > Search 2.0.

1. Click Select Layout once on the Student Demographics Details page.

2. Use the dropdown menu to select which layout you want as your default.

3. Click Update Preferences.

You will be taken back to the Student Demographic Details page and it will reflect your customizations. Every student you access Student Demographic Details for will be defaulted to this view.