Admin: Student Logs

This lesson will guide you through using the Student Log tool to view all activity performed on a student and by whom. This is permission-based and users with the permission will only see students that they have access to. (Permission- Administration Module-Student Logs)

*NOTE: Please understand that this reports just changes that have been made to a student's data. It will not give you specifics and it may be hard to understand unless you know query language.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click on the Admin Gear.

2. Select Student Logs.

3. Start typing a student's name in the Local Student ID box and a dropdown menu will populate.

4. Click Load.

The log page will populate with all activity on a student by date, description, page, user, session and data set.

To run another student, simply type another name into the Local Student ID at the top of the page and click Load again.