Search for a Student

This lesson will guide you in finding a student (and his or her demographic information, etc.) within the Illuminate system.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click Students.

2. Under General, click Search 2.0.

Enter Search Criteria

Enter Search Criteria

1. Enter any criteria by which you'd like to search. You may enter one piece of information or many pieces; the criteria will narrow down the list of students (or single student) produced.

2. Remember that no students are enrolled at the District Office.

3. Click Search.


-  If you want to acquire a list of all 7th graders, simply select 7 under Grade Level, and then click Search.

-  If you want to find a particular student and know his last name and school site, enter the last name under Last Name and select his school under site and then click Search. You will then get to find the student amongst a list of all students with that last name.

Advanced Search Filters

Under the basic student search filters, you will find a variety of other areas you can utilize to search for students. To see what filters in each area are available, simply click the green arrow.

Using these features can make it easy to find a specialized group of students at once.

1. Use the dropdown menus to select any search criteria you would like. For example, if I wanted a list of all of my EL students, I might use the 'English Proficiency' filter and set it to EL.

2. Once criteria is selected, click Search.

*Note- You can use multiple filters in different areas to narrow your search results.


If your search criteria applies to more than one student, you will see a list of students. Simply click on the name of the student you want to view his or her report.

Click Quick Nav and then Student Profile to view the Student Profile Report.

Next Steps

Next Steps

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For additional resources on Student Searching- See Illuminate U's lesson: U050 Student Search and Student Profiles