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Create, Edit or Delete Custom Emergency Cards

This lesson will guide you through the use of the Custom Emergency Cards feature which allows users to upload a PDF template of an emergency card, overlay data from Illuminate on top of it, and print in mass for distribution to teachers.

This is a permissions-based feature. There are two permissions available for use with Custom Emergency Cards:

  • Emergency Cards - Generate - This permission allows users to view and print emergency cards populated with student information

  • Emergency Cards - Manage - This permission allows users to create new emergency cards, edit all aspects of existing emergency cards, and delete emergency cards.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click on the Students tab.

2. Select Emergency Cards.

Creating a New Emergency Card

You will be taken to the Emergency Cards List Page.

1. Click New Emergency Card to create a new emergency card

2. Enter a name and description
 (description is optional).

3. Click the Save button
. You then will be taken to the edit page.

4. Click on the Choose File button at the bottom of the page to upload a PDF for use with the template. 

5. Once your PDF has been uploaded, click on the Save button. 
You will be taken to the options page.

6. Enter in the number of contacts, including parents, required for your emergency card. 

7. Enter in the number of siblings required for your emergency card. 

Note: It is okay to enter a larger number of contacts and siblings than needed, but not a smaller number than is needed. Up to 10 siblings and up to 10 contacts can be added to the overlay.

8. If desired, select a custom report from which to import additional fields.

Note: Each column from the custom report will become an available field for the overlay. The feature is currently limited to five reports per template.

9. Click the Submit button.
 You will be taken to the Layout page.

10. Click and drag any desired fields from the left onto the PDF in the center of the page

11. Fields can be resized once on the page by clicking and holding down the pink arrow in the corner.

12. Once all fields have been placed and adjusted, click the Save button
. Note: For a full list of available fields, please click here.

13. Click the Print button in the sub-navigation bar.

You will be taken to the Print Emergency Cards scope selector.

14. Using the scope selector, make your selection of students to print for.

15. Click on the Generate Emergency Cards button.

16. The emergency cards will generate as a scheduled job. Follow the link in the confirmation banner or navigate to Control Panel > Scheduled Jobs to check the status.

Edit/Delete an Emergency Card

You can edit information (pencil icon), edit the layout (paper icon), edit options (gears icon), print (printer icon), and delete emergency card (trash can icon), on the Emergency Cards List page.

Additional Information

Contacts are prioritized based on the following logic:

  1. Only contacts marked emergency are included on the emergency card
  2. Beyond that, contacts are ordered as follows, based on the combination of flags:

    1. Primary + Resides With + Legal + Mailing

    2. Resides with + Legal + Mailing

    3. Legal + Mailing

    4. Mailing