Messaging via the Student/Parent Portal

In this lesson, teachers/admin will learn where to access and reply to messages from Students/Parents using the Home Connection Portal.


How does a district go about enabling messaging?:

Contact their IM to discuss what messaging is, how it works and if it's a good fit for the district.

Is this permissions based?: No. This is important to note. Once messaging is enabled, it is enabled for everyone, district wide.

How is a parent notified there is an unread message?: By email.  There is also an unread message count in the "Messages" tab of the portal.

How is a user notified there is an unread message?: By email.  There is also an unread message count next to the "Dashboard" link in the Illuminate header.

Can a message be deleted after it has sent?: No

Can a message be modified after it has sent?: No


-If a user includes multiple recipients in a message, then all recipients will see all messages.  Think of it as a constant "Reply All."

-Users cannot message each other. This is a feature that is in development.

-Any user (principals, teachers, admins, etc.) can message a parent/student that they have access to.

-Parents/Students can reply to a conversation started by a user that isn't a student's teacher but can only compose a message to a student's current teachers.

-There is no way to opt out of email notifications.  This is in development.

-There is no way for users or parents to change their email address via the interface. This is in development.

-This was not built for mass messaging. Mass messaging is a separate feature that we will be working on this year.

How do I know I have a message from a parent?

If you are using the Illuminate Home Connection Portal and a parent has sent you a message, upon login you will see a blue numerical indicator next to 'Dashboard'.

Accessing your messages

Accessing your messages

1. Click on the Students tab.

2. Select Parent-Teacher Messaging (Beta).

You will automatically be taken to your Inbox.

3. You can click on the subject to read the message.

4. To compose a new message, select Compose.

Compose a New Message

Compose a New Message

1. Use the Contact Search dropdown menus to find the student/parent(s) you wish to message.

2. Click Find Students.

3. A list will populate. To add recipients, select Add to Recipients at right. They will be added to the recipients box in the Compose area.

4. Give your message a subject and compose the body of your message.

5. Click Send. Once sent, you will be automatically redirected to your Inbox.

Replying to Messages

Replying to Messages

Once a conversation has been started (Or you have selected the subject to read the message), you will be able to directly reply underneath the conversation.

Once you reply, you will be taken directly back to your Inbox, and will receive the confirmation message, 'Your reply was successfully sent.'