Log in to an Account

Your child's school offers a parent portal ("Illuminate Home Connection") provided by Illuminate Education. This lesson will show you how to log in to an already-registered account so that you can regularly and easily see how your child is performing in his or her class(es), view upcoming assignments, and more.

Where to Start

Where to Start

Visit the Home Connection URL (web address) given to you by your child's school district. The URL will similar to the one shown above but will be specific to your school district. You cannot proceed without your own school district's URL and the email address and password you used to register.

1. Under the word "Username," type your Username (the one you used to register this account).

2. Under the word "Password," type the password you are using for this account. Note that your password is "case sensitive," meaning that any uppercase or lowercase letters you used when registering must now be typed in exactly the same way for the password to work.

3. Click Login.

Note: If registering, your portal username/email must be unique i.e., two different parents cannot use the same email to register for a portal and/or a parent cannot use a student’s email address.



You will be automatically routed directly to your child's records in the Home Connection parent portal.

Next Steps

See the document "Find Your Way Around" for information on navigating the portal.