Setup Email Notifications

This lesson will show you how to setup email notifications in Illuminate. This will allow you to receive immediate emails about your student's attendance, grades, etc.

Where to Start

Once you've logged into your portal, click on the Account tab at the bottom of the page.

1. Select Notifications.

2. To Add a Notification- Select the Event from the dropdown menu you would like to be notified about. If applicable, select the rule that applies to that event (i.e. Percentage, etc.)

3. Click Submit.

4. Your Notification will populate in the list titled 'Notify Me When'.

5. To delete a Notification, select the Trash Can icon.

If Weekly Digest is enabled

If Weekly Digest is enabled

If your district has enabled Weekly Digest emails, you can select to receive these on the Contact Settings page. Simply select the checkbox and click Save.

Weekly Digest Example: