Home Connection Portal 2.0 FAQ

Q.  Will all of the features available in the current portals exist in the new portals?

A.  Yes, when the portals are released all existing features will be included.

Q.  Why were a new portals created?

A.  We updated the technology that powers the portal to make new feature development easier, improved branding consistency, and optimized screens for viewing on mobile devices

Q.  Will user names and password be impacted?

A.  No, all usernames and passwords will remain the same.

Q.  What other features will be created for the portal?

A.  We have a long list of features that we are working on next.  Visit the Product Outlook to view future updates to the portal as well as other Illuminate modules.

No matter what kind of change is being experienced in an organization, effective communication is key and should always include:

  • Make your audience aware of a coming change (hence our request to include a message about the new portal in your back to school info)
  • Help them understand the change (we have created help docs and videos to help with the understanding piece)