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Student Portal Navigation Guide

This lesson will guide you through the process of navigating your portal and viewing your results from current and past assessments.

How to Access Your Illuminate Home Connection Portal

How to Access Your Illuminate Home Connection Portal

Open your preferred Internet Browser and visit your school's portal site. Your portal's web address should look something like the following:

1. Type in your Username and Password. This information is available from your classroom teacher.

3. Click Login.

Your first time logging in you will be prompted to change your password. Contact your teacher if you forget your password.

Portal Dashboard

Portal Dashboard

1. Main Dashboard is your default view when you sign in. You may also choose Assessments, Attendance, and Classes, etc., along the left hand side.

2. Assessments shows all Pending Online Assessments displays all assessments available online.

3. Choose a language: English or Spanish.

4. When finished with the portal, always Log Out.

Taking Your Online Assessment

Taking Your Online Assessment

To take an assessment(s) online, you may do one of the following:

1. Click on the title of the assessment you wish to take online under 'Pending Assessments'.

'Recent Assessments' shows the tests you have completed recently and your score.

1. Here you can see your name, Also this is where you return to your portal to Sign Out when you need to leave this page or if you are finished with the assessment.

2. To begin the test, select Begin Test.

3. This area displays all of the assessment information such as title, due date, and the number of questions on the assessment.

5. Pictures and passages display here. You may use your mouse to scroll up and down through the passage.

6. Here are your questions. Click the bubble to select the best answer choice.

7. >> allows you to go to the next question in the assessment.  Answer choices will automatically save when Next is selected.

8. Select the Skip To dropdown to skip to a different question in the assessment.

Tools You Can Use During Assessments

Highlight- To highlight text, just click and drag your mouse over any part of a passage you want to highlight. It will automatically turn yellow.

Calculator Or Ruler- If your teacher has given you the ability to use a calculator and/or ruler on an assessment question, you will see the button labelled Calculator and/or a button labelled Ruler, click to use it.

Reference Materials- If an item comes with reference material (i.e. Periodic Table) for you to use, you will see a button at the top left corner of your page. Click on the button to view the material.

Flag- If there is a question (or questions) you want to come back to later, use the Flag button to signal to remind yourself at the end to come back to that question (or questions).

Notepad- Take notes about any question, passage, etc. on your digital notepad. Click on the pencil/paper button on the top right corner of your page. It will allow you to save notes throughout the whole test. Click Save to go back to your test.

Full Screen Mode for Constructed Response questions- The small box on the right not big enough for you to see your entire answer at once? Click the X arrows button and you will be able to write in full screen mode. Click on it again to go back into regular mode.

Pause- If you're working on a timed test and need to stop for some reason, or you just need to come back to your test later, use the Pause button. When you come back to it, click Resume to continue taking your test.

Answering Math Equation Questions

Answering Math Equation Questions

1. Start typing in the variables for your equation.

2. These will add your basic functions + - x, and so on (or you can use your keyboard to type those in).

3. If using fractions, parenthesis, squared, etc. click these buttons following a variable to create.

4. If in need of Trigonometry functions, use sin, cos, tan, etc. buttons.

Answering Drawing Response Questions

Answering Drawing Response Questions

To answer Drawing Response questions, you also have a tool bar above the answer box to help aid you in creating your answer.

Pencil Icon- Allows you to draw the line using your mouse button (or finger if on an Ipad).

Pointing Finger- Allows you to make boxes containing your drawings and move them.

Back and Forward Arrows- Undo and redo buttons.

Trash Can- Deletes your most recent addition to your response.

Paper Icon- Deletes the entire response.

Small-Large circles- Make your line wider.

Black Box- When clicked will allow you to change the color of your response.

This screen shot is an example of what a non-itembank test looks like, think of it like an online answer document. You will be inputting your answers to go along with a paper copy of a test.

9. Select Review/Finish Test to review your answer choices and finish your assessment.

10. You may also select Previous (or <<) to go back to the previous question.

11. Review your answer choices. Click on the question number to go back to the question.

12. Select Finish to end your assessment and save your score.

Viewing Your Assessment Results

Viewing Your Assessment Results

Once Finish is selected, to view your assessment scores, select Click Here.

Assessment Review

Teachers have the ability to allow you to see an Assessment Review, possibly with an answer key for a limited time on a recent assessment. If enabled, you will see either:

1. An "eye" icon next to a recent assessment from the dashboard page.

2. Or you can select the Assessments tab > Open a recent assessment > Select the blue-colored "Review this Assessment" button.

Your Student Dashboard will display the assessments you have taken, points earned, total points possible, percentage score, and date taken. Click on the title of an assessment to get a full report of performance.

Select Click to Update to update your dashboard.

Logout when you are ready to exit the portal.