Customize Your Tile Dashboard

This lesson will show you how to customize your Tile Dashboard. Tiles display a quick link or bookmark to a specific module or web address of your choice on the Illuminate Dashboard. You can customize each tile's color, title, and location to best meet your specific needs.

Where to Start

Log in so you see the screen shown here. If you left this screen and need to return, click the Illuminate Education logo, found in the top left section of your screen.

Manage Tiles

To change, edit, add or move the tiles, select Edit Tiles.

Managing tiles provides the ability to truly customize the tile dashboard. To modify or manage tiles:

  1. Select the trash can icon to remove or delete a tile from the dashboard. They will be available when and if you decide to Add a New Tile.
  2. To create and add a new tile of any kind, select Add a New Tile.
  3. Select the pencil icon to edit the tile.
  4. To exit or leave this screen, select Leave Edit Mode.

Add a New Tile

Add a New Tile

When in Edit Mode, select Add a New Tile.

What System Tiles Can I Add?

Tiles are driven by the Illuminate product and permissions you have as a user. You can also add your own tiles using web addresses/url links to specific Custom Reports or areas in Illuminate you visit most!

There are two types of tiles that can be added on the dashboard - a System Tile or Create-Your-Own Tile.

System Tiles cannot be edited or changed, but Create-Your-Own Tiles allows you to customize the title, icon, url or link, color, and launch settings when selected.

Add a System Tile

Add a System Tile
  1. Select a type of System Tile. This type of tile is provided for you by Illuminate for some of our most popular modules and tasks within the system.
  2. Once a tile has been created or selected, select Save to save changes and return to the dashboard.
  3. You can also select Close to close the tool and return to the dashboard without confirming any changes.

You will be returned to the Tile Dashboard, and the tile should appear on your screen.

Add a Create-Your-Own Tile

Add a Create-Your-Own Tile

When creating your own tile, you must copy or have available the web address or url that you wish to bookmark and create as a tile, before you begin. To create your own title, will need to enter the following:

  1. Enter an appropriate Title for the tile.
  2. Select the icon button to choose a symbol to represent the tile.
  3. Type and enter (or copy/paste) the web address or URL that the tile needs to go to when selected.
  4. Select and choose a color for the tile.
  5. If you'd like the tile to open a new tab or window when selected, choose the Open in New Window? checkbox. This will open the tile when clicked into a new window or tab, not taking you away from the current dashboard page.
  6. This is the tile's preview window to show what the tile looks like while creating it.
  7. To confirm and apply changes, select Save.
  8. To close the tool and not save changes, select Close.

Because you are the author and creator of the tile, you will always be able to edit the information and details of the tile. Review Manage Tiles.

Icon Menu Preview

Icon Menu Preview

You can further filter through the icon list or use keywords like 'word', 'link', 'text', etc.

Color Menu Preview

Color Menu Preview

This allows you to select any color or variation of a color that you wish the tile to be.

Move a Tile

Moving tiles allows you to customize your dashboard. To move these to new locations on your screen:

  1. Click and hold onto the tile that you want to move.
  2. Drag and drop the tile... (hold your mouse button down while moving) to the desired location. Let go of the mouse button when you see a shaded version of the tile in the area desired.

Return to the Tile Dashboard

Return to the Tile Dashboard

Wherever you are in Illuminate, select the Illuminate Education logo to return to the Tile Dashboard. Your tiles will display as you chose to customize them until you make any changes.

Moving to the Widget Dashboard

Moving to the Widget Dashboard

Interested in changing to the Widgets Dashboard? Select the Dashboard button to see that option!

Next Steps

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