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Log In, Log Out, or Change Your Password

Where to Start

Where to Start

Type your district's Uniform Resource Locator (URL) at the top of your screen and press Enter on your keyboard.

If someone has given you the website link electronically (e.g., in an email), you can visit the site by simply clicking the link. Often you can find the address as a link on your district's staff portal, as well.

Log In

Log In

1. Enter the username given to you by your district administrator.

2. Enter the password given to you by your district administrator. Passwords are also "case sensitive," meaning that if characters are set up as capital or lowercase letters, they must be typed that same way when logging into the system.

Note: There is a Forgot your password? link below this area you may click if you have forgotten your password or username. However if your district did not provide your email address to us, the link will not send you your password.

3. Click Next. If you only have access to one site (e.g. one school or one District Office), you will automatically proceed to the Dashboard. However, if you have access to more than one site you will need to follow Steps 4 and 5.

4. Use the drop-down menu to select the site you wish to access. Note that selecting the District Office will still give you access to the sites within it.

5. Click Login. You will then see the Dashboard where you can choose from a host of options. See other lessons within this manual for specific guidance in any task(s) you wish you accomplish.

Log Out and Change Password

Log Out and Change Password

1. Change your password by clicking Change Password in the Control Panel.

2. Click Sign Out by opening the Control Panel.

Type Your New Password

Type Your New Password

1. Type the new password you would like to have. Note that:

- It must be at least 6 characters (letters and/or numbers) long.

- It must contain no spaces.

- Passwords are "case sensitive," which means if you capitalize a letter now,

you will have to capitalize it later for the password to work (and if you type a

lowercase letter now, you will have to use a lowercase letter later).

2. Type the same password you typed above in the confirm password section.

3. Click Save.

You have now successfully changed your password.

Next Steps

Illuminate is known for its intuitive design, so there is much you can learn just by exploring the site. If you require assistance at any time, simply visit the Lessons and Videos in the Control Panel.