Access Version Release Notes

Every time a new version (of the Illuminate product you are using) is released (meaning new enhancements and features, such as new reports, new filters, new capabilities, etc.), release notes are published for that version so that users know about all the changes. There are two ways in which these release notes are easily accessible to users. This lesson will describe these two ways.

Notification Upon Logging In

Notification Upon Logging In

When you log into Illuminate for the first time after the new version has been released, you will see a window like the one shown above.

To view the release notes, merely click on the link in the window. If you don't wish to view the notes at this time, click Close (X).

Version Link

Any time you wish to read new or archived release notes, merely click on the What's New? in the Control Panel.

Release Notes

Either of the above methods will take you directly to the version release notes, where you can scroll through all the new enhancements and updates.

Next Steps

Illuminate is known for its intuitive design, so there is much you can learn just by exploring the site. If you require assistance at any time, simply visit the Lessons and Videos for support or contact our knowledgeable Customer Support team.