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Report a Problem-Contact Illuminate Customer Support

On occasion, you may feel that something does not work correctly in Illuminate. When this happens, please report this issue to our customer support team so it may be resolved. This lesson will list the steps when reporting an issue.

Where to Start

Where to Start

Contact us by phone (949-242-0343 or 951-739-0186) or email (

Email allows you to also "show" us what you are seeing, and it allows us to easily share the issue with our Tech Team. Also, every email you send to generates a Help ticket in the zendesk system we use so that progress on the issue may be easily tracked.

Exactly What is Occurring?

Exactly What is Occurring?

Provide answers to these questions in your initial email to get help faster:

Q: Where are you in the system and what are you trying to do?

A (Example): I'm trying to run the "CST Cluster Scores - Student List" report for Teacher Anita Book at Adams Elementary School, and I just clicked "Run Report."

Q: What is going wrong, and what were you wanting to happen instead?

A (Example): I can see the report, but her Period 1 class is missing 3 students who should be there.

Q: What are some specific examples?

A (Example): Students Joanie Cunningham, Ritchie Cunningham, and Arthur Fonzerelli are the students missing.

Q: Can you list each click you made to get to the issue?

A (Example):

1- Go to

2- Login as admin at Illuminate School District.

3- Click Reports, then List Reports (Prebuilts & Custom).

4- Click Test Report.

5- Click Chart, then Edit.

6- Receive Oops message.

Q: Do you have additional information to narrow down what is happening?

A (Example): When I view the "Class Roster" report, these students do show up, and our Student Information System shows them all as being continuously enrolled in Anita Book's class all year.

Student Information

Student Information

Include the student name and ID if applicable. If you don't see the ID on the screen you're working in, you can search for the student in the Students tab and the ID will display.

Include Screen Shots

Sometimes a screen shot helps to explain an issue. Here are the steps to take screen shots for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac.

Windows XP

Windows XP
  1. Click on the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard.. This will save a screenshot to your clipboard.
  2. Open up a program that will allow you to paste the image into it. This could be something like Microsoft Word or Paint.
  3. From the edit menu, select “Paste” to paste the image into the document.
  4. Save the document or image and email it to us.

Windows Vista/Windows 7

Windows Vista/Windows 7

Click Start, then “All Programs” at the bottom of the start menu. Click “Accessories”. Select “Snipping Tool”.

5. Use the selection tool in Snipping Tool to select the part of the screen you want to capture.

6. Once you have the screen captured, click on the File > Save As menu.



Use keyboard shortcuts.

    - Press Command + Shift + 3 at the same time to save a screenshot to your desktop.

    - Press Command + Shift + 4 at the same time to select a part of the screen


Use the Grab app to take a screenshot.

    - Navigate to the /Applications/Utilities folder.

    - Double click on Grab.

Go to the Capture menu and select “Selection,” “Screen” or “Window” to capture part or the entire screen.