Navigation Overview

This lesson will cover how to effectively use the navigational menus for Illuminate Education products.

User Information, Help and More!

User Information, Help and More!

After logging on, look in the upper-right corner of your screen:

1. You'll see who is logged on.

2. You'll see your username, role, what site you're logged in under, the session and the term under which you're logged on.

3. Edit Account is where you can change your password and sign out.

4. Visit the Help system for step-by-step lessons, videos, and more.

5. Other is where you will find our Release Notes which list New Features, Enhancements, Fixes, etc. recently made to the system.

6. Change Student Set allows you to navigate to see prior years students, other sites (if you have access to them) or just specific student groups.

See the "Introduction" manual of Help for details on changing your site, term, or password, or logging of or on.

Navigation Bar

The screen shot above depicts the main navigation bar. Depending on your district (i.e., modules your district has opted to use) and your personal permissions (i.e., your district may opt to give different users access to different modules), your navigation bar may contain different, fewer, or more categories.

Quick info on the tabs:

a.     Students: Search/find any information relating to your students here. For example, student profiles, health information, search for groups of students, etc.

b.     Reports: Your list of Prebuilt and Custom reports is housed here along with any other reports you may need (or have access to) pertaining to grades, attendance, discipline, health, scheduling, etc.

c.      Assessments:  Your list of assessments is housed here, along with everything pertaining to assessments, like answer documents, assessment import tools, etc. This is also where you can create assessments.

d.     Scheduling: All tools having to do with schedule management are housed here.

e.     Gradebook: Navigate to your gradebook or any gradebook editing tools here.

f.      Grades: Find all grade setup, reporting tools, and report card options here.

g.     SpecEd: Find specific details for all Special Ed students here.

h.     Language: Quickly navigate to any language details, including modifications, about your students here.

i.       Health: Find and manage all immunization records, medications, and health alerts for students here.

j.       Behavior: Find discipline history, manage suspensions/expulsions and report incidents here.

k.     Counselor: Find all information having to do with graduation requirements, grades, and keeping students on track here.

l.      Attendance- All tools having to do with taking, tracking, and reporting attendance.

Clicking on any of these main navigational tabs will expand the navigation menu to display more options. Click and un-click some of your navigation bar tabs to see how this works.

Navigation Menus

Navigation Menus

1. The menu bar right below the main navigational bar is called the sub-navigation menu.

2. Only when you click a link will you leave your current page. This allows for fewer clicks, fewer page loads, and faster system browsing.You have the option at anytime to close the sub-navigation menus by simply clicking a navigation tab at the top a second time.



You can also click on any tile to navigate to a specific section within Illuminate with one click. These are customizable per user! For more information, see the help document here.

Search Bar

Search Bar

The search bar at the top of the page searches not only students, but navigation and help documentation as well.

Next Steps

Next Steps

"Take a Tour " of Illuminate via the tab at the end of the Navigation Bar.

Explore the site to see what is available, and see other lessons in the Help system for guidance. The "Introduction" manual's "Finding Your Way Around" is a good place to start.

Quick Tips

Quick Tips

1. Look for Excel and PDF icons to download/print data.

2. Click column headers to sort, for example, lowest to highest.

3. Look out for pagination, many reports have multiple pages.

4. Look out for view more students 'Show'.

Next Steps

Additional Resources for an Introduction to Illuminate- See Illuminate U's lesson: U010-Getting Started with Illuminate!