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Transfer Gradebook Ownership

This lesson will guide you through the process of transferring ownership of a GradeBook to another user, for instance, a long term substitute.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Select Gradebook.

2. Under Administration, click Transfer Ownership.

3. Current Owner- Select the Current Owner of the GradeBook from the dropdown menu.

4. GradeBooks- Once a user is selected, their GradeBook(s) will populate in this dropdown menu. Select the GradeBook(s) that you would like to transfer to another user.

5. Transfer To- Select the user you would now like to take ownership of the GradeBook.

6. Click Transfer.

Once transferred, you will receive the confirmation that the GradeBooks were successfully transferred to the user. They will now automatically populate in the users 'My Gradebooks' section.

Next Steps

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