Add Custom Rosters to Gradebooks

This lesson will guide you through the process of Creating GradeBooks with Custom Rosters. This feature allows users to find and add students to a GradeBook outside an already created student group or section. The tool grabs the students selected, automatically creates a student group and links it to the GradeBook. This feature removes the requirement of creating and managing student groups outside of the GradeBook.


This feature will mostly be used by teachers in elementary schools where students move between different teachers based on ability or subject. For example, Clyde Rankin is rostered to Mrs. Smith but goes to Mr. Pinkman for English/History and Mr. Heisenberg for Science/Math. Mr. Pinkman and Mr. Heisenberg both need to enter GradeBook scores for Clyde and share those scores with Mrs. Smith who will use them to fill out Clyde's report card. That is just one example of how this feature can be utilized.

If I remove a student from this GradeBook, does their GradeBook data get removed as well?  

No. We never remove student GradeBook data.  If a user accidentally removes a student, they simply need to add them back in (with the original start date) and the student's GradeBook data will re-appear.

If I place an end date for a student, how do I go back later and view their data?

You do this just like you would if a student left a regular section, via Filters > Edit Filters page. Learn more about using Filters in our Create, Enable and Disable GradeBook Filters lesson.

How do I add more students to a GradeBook that I've already created?:

Select GradeBook > My GradeBooks > GradeBook List > Details > By Student.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click on the Gradebook tab.

2. Select My GradeBooks.  

Creating Your Gradebook

Creating Your Gradebook

Once you've selected a Points-Based or Standards Based GradeBook:

1. Give the GradeBook a name.

2. Manage Students:

  • By Student allows you to create a gradebook with a custom group of students. You add them on a per student basis. Using this option will allow you to set and Enter and Leave date for the student if you chose, if not, it will default to the full school year. You can delete a single student using the trash can icon to the right of the dates.

3. Save: This will Save your Gradebook and send you directly into the GradeBook.

4. Delete All Students: This will delete all your current choices and you will start over.

Learn more in Create, Modify, and Delete Points-Based Gradebooks and Create, Modify, and Delete Standards-Based Gradebooks.

Manage a Custom Roster

Manage a Custom Roster

1. If at any time you want to manage your Custom Roster, click on GradeBook > My GradeBook.

3. Once on your GradeBook list, select Details.

Manage Students

Manage Students

To manage a custom roster:

  • Use the dropdown By Student (1) to search and add students. Just start typing a student's name and select to add.
  • An Entry Date (2) is the date the student will begin to show up in the GradeBook. This will default to the current date or today.
  • Enter a Leave Date (3) when the student will 'leave' the GradeBook. By default, the leave date is the last day of school.
  • Click the trash can (4) to delete students from the GradeBook, OR to delete ALL students, select Delete All Students at the bottom of the page.
  • Always click Save to save any changes made.

Next Steps

Now that students are added to your gradebook, start to Create, Modify, and Delete an Assignments in your Gradebook!

Need to setup some preferences such as Custom Marks, Grading Scales, or Categories and Tags? Get Started using Getting Started with Gradebooks.