Class Grade Report

This lesson will guide you through printing a class grade report. This report allows you to print missing grades, specified grades, etc.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click on the Gradebooks tab.

2. Select Class Grade Report.

Note: You can also access this report once in a gradebook via Reports > Class Grade Report

Once on the Class Grade Report page, you can select the options you would like to appear on your grade report (click on the dropdown menus to access the options):

3. Student Options- You can choose to filter through your students by date, rostering (Single Period/Course/Section) and demographics. This is optional, if you do not select any of these filters the progress reports will run for all of your currently rostered students.

4. Gradebook Options- Gradebooks- This is the list of gradebooks you would like to run this report for.

5. Grade Filters- You can chose to filter by a specific value of the grades to be shown. For example, if 'greater than or equal to 75%' is chosen, only grades greater than or equal to 75% will show up on the report.

This is also where you can select 'Missing' grades, and populate a list of all students with missing grades.

6. Grading Period- Select the grading period you would like to report on.

7. Page Options- Select what Page Orientation you prefer.

8. Display Options- This is all optional customization you can select based on how you want information grouped and named.

View Report- View report on this page below the filters.

Download PDF- Download a PDF of the report.

Download and Save Preferences- Download a PDF of the report and save all of your selected preferences.

Sample Class Grade Report