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Cross-Gradebook Weight Report

The Cross-GradeBook Weight Report applies weights of assignment scores from selected Grading Periods and from selected GradeBooks. A teacher must be assigned the Cross-GradeBook Weight Report permission to be able to use this feature.

Weights are required before this report can be generated.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Select the Gradebook tab

2. Click Cross-Gradebook Weight Report.

1. Use the filters at the top to run the reports for specific Roster Dates/Student Groups or Students.

2. Select the gradebook you would like to weight on this report, the Grading Period, and the Weight (percent). The Cross-GradeBook Weight Report supports multiple GradeBooks and different Grading Periods per GradeBook.

3. To add additional gradebooks, click Add Gradebook.

4. Select Run.

Your report will populate below the filters. The report shows list of students (based on student filters); selected GradeBooks with defined Weights and Grading Period; Overall Percentage which is the combined weighted score, and the Overall Mark which is based on the Grade Scale from the first selected GradeBook.

You can print, send to Excel, etc. by selecting the appropriate icon above the report.