Manage Assignments in Gradebook

In this lesson, you will learn how to Manage Assignments in Gradebook. You will learn how to assign a due date, edit a section, delete an assignment, and copy to other classes.

Where to start

Where to start

1. Click Gradebooks tab.  

2. Select My Gradebook.

3. Click on any of your Gradebook classes.

4. Click on Assignments  and select Manage Assignments.

Assignment Management List

This is the Assignments overview page. This page will allow you to Sort, Search, and Delete any assignment you create in your Gradebook.

1. This is the Assignment list and you can click on the Assignment header to sort the list by Alphabetical Order.

2. If the assignment is linked to a category, the category title will show.

3. If the assignment is associated with tags, the tags will show.

4. If you chose to type in a description of the assignment, it will display.

5. You can sort by Assign Date.

6. You can also sort by assignment Due Date.

7. We have a Search Bar that allows you to search for specific assignments for quick referencing.

8. RC & Standards Links- You may click on the number in this column to assign RC areas to be linked with this assignment. You can also link standards to multiple assignments via the checkboxes at right, then use the dropdowns below to select the RC areas you wish to assign. (Click Checkbox(es) > Link Assignments to RC > Select RC areas and click Submit.

9. Then, if you need to, you can also Delete the selected assignment. Click on the blank check box next to the assignment, and then select Delete from the dropdown menu at the bottom of the page. Click Submit. Note: You can delete multiple assignments at once.

8. You can click the paper icon to duplicate an assignment. It will automatically allow you to edit all aspects of it and apply it to the Gradebooks you would like to.

Shared Gradebooks: Copy RC Links from Gradebook Owner

Shared Gradebooks: Copy RC Links from Gradebook Owner

A teacher who has been shared a GradeBook that has Report Card (RC) links now has option to copy those RC links from the GradeBook owner. This feature saves the teacher setup time as by default, RC links are not copied when GradeBook is shared because those are to GradeBook owner.

In a shared GradeBook that has RC links which the teacher has permission:

1. Click on the Assignments tab and select Copy RC Links From GradeBook Owner.

3. When clicked, it opens to the "Copy RC Links From GradeBook Owner" page where RC links details are shown in the table.

4. To copy, click the Copy RC Links button.

Next Steps

After you are done managing your assignments, you may be interested in looking at "Create Filters in Gradebook" or "Create/Edit Assignments".