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Create, Modify, and Delete Points-Based GradeBooks

This lesson will show you how to create a new Points-Based Gradebook (e.g., for a particular section/period/class of students and/or subject area) in Illuminate.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click Gradebook

2. Select My GradeBooks.  

3. Select the type of Gradebook you wish to create, in this case Points-Based.

4. Click Next.

Setting Up Your Gradebook

You will create multiple gradebooks for each period or subject you report out on in your report card. You will repeat this process for as many gradebooks you need. If you are planning to push the gradebook grades to report cards, it is important that your gradebooks match the subjects in your report card.

  • Elementary Most elementary teachers who teach multiple subjects will create one gradebook per subject (e.g., 1 "Language Arts" gradebook, 1 "Math" gradebook, 1 for Science, 1 for History etc.).
  • Secondary Most secondary teachers will create a GradeBook for each class or period (e.g., Period 1 English IV, Period 2 AP English IV, etc.)  Depending on your preference you do not need to create a new gradebook each semester (unless you desire to).  You could use filters in order to only view your current class roster for the semester.  See lesson on Create, Enable and Disable GradeBook Filters for further details.

Gradebook Details

Gradebook Details

1. Give the GradeBook a name.

2. Manage Students by Class or by Student:

  • By Class provides the classes that you are linked to. Selecting these from the dropdown menu will automatically fill your gradebook with students in the selected sections. You may use the same section for multiple gradebooks (i.e., you may have separate gradebooks that use the same list of students). This is the most common practice for linking students to gradebooks.
  • By Student allows you to create a gradebook with a custom group of students. You add them on a per student basis. Using this option will allow you to set and Enter and Leave date for the student if you chose, if not it will default to the full school year. You can delete a single student using the trash can icon to the right of the dates. Learn more about this feature by visiting Add Custom Rosters to Gradebooks.

3. Save will Save your Gradebook and send you directly into the GradeBook to get started.

4. Delete All Students will delete all your current choices and you will start over. This may appear after you have saved and visited the Gradebook Details to edit and revise the gradebook details.

5. Cancel will cancel the whole creation of this Gradebook.

Accessing GradeBook Details

At any time, you can edit, revise, or delete a Gradebook.

1. Click Gradebook, then select My Gradebooks.

2. Click Details to modify or delete your GradeBook. You will enter the Details page of the Gradebook. Note: If you are looking to delete a gradebook- if it is shared with other users, you cannot delete it until you unshare it!

3. To make your Gradebook not visible in the Parent Portal, simply click on the Yes under 'Show in Parent Portal.' It will then turn to No.

Next Steps

Need help with Custom Rosters? Take a look at Add Custom Rosters to Gradebooks.

After the gradebooks are created to mirror your report card, learn about Assignments and Scoring!

For additional resources on Gradebooks, check out Illuminate U's lesson: U200 Getting Started with Gradebook.