Set Grading Periods

Grading periods define the start and end dates associated with quarters, trimesters or semesters. They are different than terms. You will need to enter grading periods even if terms have been set in Illuminate.  Setting up grading periods correctly is critical for the use of Gradebooks and Report Cards.

Note:  While elementary schools typically do NOT have trimester terms they will likely have trimester grading periods.

Note:  Grading periods cannot be created to overlap terms.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click Grades tab (1), select Grading Periods (2), click Add (3).

Create Grading Period

Create Grading Period

1. Name the grading period.

2. Enter the first and last dates that grades will be recorded.

3. Enter the first and last dates that teachers can enter/post grades for the final mark.

4.The grading period number is sequential, beginning with 1.

5. The term type is selected based on CALPADS.

6. Make the appropriate choice.

7.  Select No to Disable the GPA if you select Secondary (Final Grade).

8. Select the Term and sites you would like this grading period to apply to. To select multiple sites, hold down command/CTRL and select all of the sites you like.

9. Click Save.

Repeat these steps for each grading period throughout the year.

Review Grading Periods

Review Grading Periods

When grading periods are entered, you will see a summary of this information.


NOTE: Grading periods can be created at the district level and associated with multiple sites. Grading periods must be edited individually at the site level.