Grading Period Weights

This lesson will guide you through the process of setting up grading period weights, this allows a teacher to setup grade weighting preference on individual GradeBooks. This available for points-based gradebooks only.

Why you would use grading period weights?

This is typically used in scenarios where the final exam is weighted against the Q1 and Q2 grades to produce a final semester grade (e.g., Q1=40%, Q2=40%, Exam=20%).


Some teachers use this type of functionality to approximate something like a decaying average, with the idea that more recent assessments should weigh more than earlier assessments. For example, a teacher may weight Q2 60% and Q1 40%.

Where to Start

Where to Start

Once in a Gradebook (Gradebook > My Gradebook > Select Gradebook by name):

1. Click on the Setup tab.

2. Select Grading Period Weights.

3. Input the percentage you would like each grading period to hold. (i.e. S1 50, S2 50).

4. Also save to allows you to save this to one or multiple gradebooks.

5. Click Save.

Once you click save, you will receive a success message.