Standards Progress Report

The Standards Progress Report allows teachers to generate a report that shows students progress towards standards goals. For each standard, the report shows the overall percentage correct and mark (proficiency level).

1. Click on the Gradebook tab.

2. Select My Gradebooks.

3. Once in My Gradebooks, select the title of the gradebook you want to run the report for.

1. Select any specific filter criteria you wish, i.e. a specific course, class or student.

2. Select the Grading Period.

3. Chose to include or not include a Parent Signature line.

4. Run the report for Secondary or Elementary.

Optional: Data to Include, Include Color Coding, or Select additional Gradebooks.

5. Click View in Browser, Download to PDF or Download to Excel.

Data will be listed by standard linked to assignments in the Gradebook, giving Overall % Correct and Mark (These will vary if you have set up custom marks and performance bands).