Duplicate Gradebooks (Templates)

This lesson will guide you through the process of duplicating Gradebooks for use by teachers/staff as templates. Gradebooks duplicated and shared will be copied with ALL parts of the Gradebook, this means assignments, preferences, etc. It can be used/customized without altering the original.

This is most useful, for example, with elementary schools in which all 1st grade teachers give exactly the same assignments throughout the year and want a school-wide template to be shared out instead of every individual teacher creating the same Gradebook. An Administrator can create the gradebook, share access to it and then this can be duplicated and renamed/altered by teachers.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click on the GradeBook tab.

2. Select My GradeBooks.

Share your Gradebook

If you need to create the GradeBook you need to share out, see the lessons "Create, Modify, Delete Points-Based GradeBooks" or "Create, Modify, Delete Standards-Based GradeBooks".

1. Once created and when ready to share- Under the 'Shared' column, click on 'No' to access the sharing screen.

2. Select who you wish to share the GradeBook with.

3. Select the abilities you would like to give these users: Edit Scores, Edit Assignments and/or Edit Settings.

4. Click Share.

The GradeBook has now been shared. You will then see exactly whom it is shared with and the permissions they have. You can always come to this page to remove access as well.

User Duplication

1. Find the GradeBook you wish to duplicate and select Duplicate at far right.

You will receive a success message that the GradeBook has been duplicated.

2. Rename the GradeBook. (It will auto fill as "Copy of").

3. Select which students you want to populate the GradeBook with.

4. Click Save.

You will get a message that the GradeBook has been successfully updated.

Next Steps

Next Steps

You can access the GradeBook back at your My GradeBooks listing, all assignments, preferences, etc. will have copied over. You can make an alterations you wish and it will not affect the original.