Manage Student Alias and Numbers

In this lesson, you will learn how to find and modify Student Aliases and Numbers.  An alias is an alternate name the student may go by.  

1. Click Gradebook tab.

2. Select My Gradebook.

3. Click on any of your Gradebook subjects.

Student Aliases & Numbers

Student Aliases & Numbers

1. Select Setup from the sub-navigation bar.

2. Click on Student Aliases & Numbers.

You will notice that there are several available fields to populate.

1. The Roll Number boxes allow you to assign numbers to students manually by seating or chart or whatever type of system you have setup in your classroom.

2. The Alias boxes allow you to assign a different name to a student that prefers a "nickname" or "other" name besides their given name.

At the bottom of the page, the Auto-Number button allows you to fill down roll numbers for every student in that class automatically.

Tip: What to do about new students? When a new students comes into the class, the system does not auto-assign them a number. If you want them to have an alias or roll number, you will have to give them one.

4. At the top you can save this to multiple gradebooks by selecting them from the dropdown menu.

5. Click Save.