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Transfer Student Grades from One Gradebook to Another

This lesson will cover Frequently asked questions, a step by step guide as well as troubleshooting tips and administrative information around how to transfer student scores from one GradeBook to another.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the Transfer GradeBook Data feature do?

A: This feature allows teachers to bring over scores from another gradebook to another.  This feature will work for students who have either transfered in from another class or another period.

Q: What are some common scenarios of when I should transfer student scores from gradebook to gradebook?

A: The most common scenario would be students transferring between class periods and other schedule changes (e.g., Mrs. Smith English Period 1 to Mrs. Smith English Period 3).

Q: Why don't you transfer student scores automatically for me like you used to?

A: Numerous reasons, the most obvious being flexibility.  Automatically transferring scores presented many issues such as:

1. Assignments being slightly different between gradebooks preventing the tool to locate matching assignments, which then forced teachers to manually enter the grades themselves.

2. The tool would only run once and would not allow teachers to control what scores they wanted to bring over and when.

3. The tool only worked between gradebooks that shared the same setup.

4. Did not allow teachers to pull scores from another teachers gradebook.

Q: When I transfer a score does it remove it out of the gradebook I am transferring it from?

A: No. It merely makes a copy of the score.

Q: For how long will I be able to transfer student score data after the student comes into my class?

A: The entire academic year.

Q: Can I only transfer scores once?

A: No. You can transfer scores as many times as you'd like for as many assignments as you'd like.

Q: Can I transfer scores for students from another teachers Gradebook?

A: Yes, the transfer feature allows you to take a students assignment scores from another teachers gradebook and align it to one of your own assignments.

Q: Do assignment names need to match in order for the tool to work?

A: No. If assignment names do match between gradebooks we will suggest the alignment automatically, however, if they don't you can simply tell us where the assignments line up.

Q: What if I don't want some of the transfer grades to count against a student?

A: You need to excuse a student from those assignments or remove his/her score for it not to contribute to the student's overall grade.


All users transferring or receiving a transferred assignment/mark, need to have the permission enabled.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click Gradebooks tab.  

2. Select My Gradebook.

3. Click on any of your Gradebook classes.

Enable Score Transfer

First you must enable a score transfer for the student in the gradebook you wish to transfer a score from.

1. Once in the Gradebook, click on the student's name, and select Enable Score Transfer.

2. This will automatically change to Disable Score Transfer, which means enable is currently on.

Now you are ready to transfer these grades to the new gradebook.

Transfer Student Grades

Transfer Student Grades

1. Click on any student from your Student List view in your Gradebook.

2. Click on Transfer Gradebook Data to transfer the students scores from one gradebook to another.

1. Assignment alignment will try and match assignments automatically for you that are similar by either Name or Date.

2. Select which GradeBook you want to pull assignment scores from.  This will include all GradeBooks that the student has scores in for this academic year.

3. Click the Next button to continue

1. The red notification will let you know if some of the assignments in the gradebook you selected could not be aligned to any of the assignments in your gradebook

2. For each assignment, use the drop down labelled 'Destination Assignment' to align each of the assignments. You have the option to ignore any assignment score you do not want to bring into your gradebook.

3. When you are done lining up each of your assignments click the Import button

1. After clicking the import button, a green notification bar will let you know that your scores were imported successfully.  You should now see that the students scores have been automatically populated for you.

Next Steps

For any additional questions, feedback or comments please feel free to email us at or call us at 951-739-0186.