Create, Modify, and Remove Custom Marks

A Custom Mark is an optional character you may use to remember why the assignment grade is what you assigned.  For example you may have a zero for a child's grade, but you entered "ab" as a custom mark which tells you that the child was absent on the day the assignment was administered.  You can assign a value to what the "ab" means.  In this lesson you will learn how to setup and use Custom Marks.

Note: An X mark indicates an assignment as Excused, meaning the student should not be penalized for not having a score for an assignment (e.g., the assignment will not impact his or her grade in any way - it will be as if the assignment never existed for this particular student).

Where to Start

Click Gradebooks tab, My Gradebook, click on any of your Gradebook subjects.

Setup Custom Marks

Setup Custom Marks

1. Click Setup.

2. Select Custom Marks.

1. Add the mark you will type in as your custom mark.  The letters are case sensitive. When you are entering data in an assignment, if you type it in capital letters but your mark is  lower case, it will not be recognized.  If you alternate when you enter data on assignments, make sure you enter the mark twice, once lower case and once in capital letters.

2. Determine what value you will assign to the mark.

3. The type drop down allows you to set whether you want the mark displayed as points or percentage of total.  Points will assign the exact number to the custom mark when it is entered in an assignment. For example: The child received "ab" as the mark which is worth 0 points, so the child received a 0 as their grade for the assignment.

The Percentage of total will do a percent of whatever value the child's grade is on the assignment.  For example: The assignment is worth 10 points, you assign the "L1" mark (as see in the screenshot) which means the child automatically received 9 points as their grade since they can only get 90% of the total.  

4. Description (Optional)- Give this mark a description. (ie. L is Late)

5. You can also flag the mark as either missing or excused.  Missing yes - means the assignment is missing and it will show in the missing assignments report under the reports tab in the GradeBook.  Marking it as excused means it will not affect the overall grade.

6. Also save this to- Save this mark to be used in other gradebooks by selecting All Gradebooks, or individual ones by clicking in this box.

7. After you create one custom mark, click Save and then a new row will appear to add an additional custom mark.  Continue this until all custom marks are added.

Once save is clicked, a new row will appear to add additional marks. Also note that you can now delete any saved marks via the checkbox at right. Select the box and click Save.