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Create a Schoolwide Grade Scale

Creating a School Wide Grade Scale is a permission that needs to be turned on by your System Administrator.  This lesson is for District or System Admin.  In this lesson you will learn how to setup a School Wide Grade Scale which means teachers cannot control their own grade scale in their gradebook.  This does not affect report card grades, this only affects the grading scale in the teacher's gradebook.

Note: This feature only works with Points-Based Gradebooks.

1.Select the Gradebook tab from the main menu.

2. Under Administration, select School Wide Grade Scale.

On this screen you can edit the Grade Scale for the entire school. This is valuable if you want a streamlined grading system for all your teachers. The letters are case sensitive.

1. This field allows you assign a character to your particular scale for that grade.

2. Assign a color to your grade.

3. This is the bottom end of your grade.

4. This is the upper end of your grade.

5. This allows you to remove a particular grade scale.

Make sure to click Save.