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Enter Assignment Grades Using the Student List View

This lesson reviews how to enter assignment grades and scores using the Student List View. The Student List view is a great way to quickly find a student and a list of their scores and assignments, enter scores for more more than just one assignment at a time for one student, has more advanced features (category break down, distribution graph, note-taking, etc.) than the spreadsheet view, gives you a more specific in depth look at an individual student, and allows you to quickly jump between students.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click Gradebooks tab.

2. Select My Gradebook.

3. Click on any of your Gradebook classes.

4. Select the View tab.

5. Click Student List.

Student List View Basics

Student List View Basics

The following are basic tips when entering assignments and scores:

  • Select on a student's name (1) to load student assignments and scores on the right hand side of the page
  • Enter scores (2), notes, etc. by simply clicking in the appropriate box and typing in the appropriate values. Use the UP or DOWN arrow keys to move quickly through scores or use the ENTER key to move down quickly.
  • Check or uncheck a box in the Excused (3) column to indicate a student should not be penalized for not having a score for an assignment (e.g., the assignment will not impact his or her grade in any way - it will be as if the assignment never existed for this particular student).
  • Enter notes (4) specific to any assignment (e.g., "Student's lost worksheet was replaced 3 times" or "May be turned in on or before 10/4/12"). If using the Illuminate Home Connection Student/Parent Portal, the notes will display for all to see.
  • The student's average percent earned in each category (5) (e.g., the student above earned 95.8% of points possible for uncategorized assignments vs. 90.8% for homework, etc.). Note how information displays when you hover over any bar.
  • The Category Mark Summary graph (6) displays how many assignments the student has had that earned various marks/grades on your grading scale. Additional Information displays when you hover over any bar.

Keep in mind that every score is Saved automatically after you enter it. This can be disabled in your Gradebook preferences.

Navigating Student List View

Navigating Student List View

In the Student List menu, some important features of the Student List View are the following:

  • Click on the little black arrows(1) to sort any of your columns.
  • Select a student's name (2) to load student scores and assignments on the right side of the page.
  • An average mark for the class (3) will always be at the bottom of your student list.
  • The Mark Distribution graph (4) shows how many As, Bs, Cs, etc. or 1s,2s,3, etc. there are in the class overall.
  • Gender Count (5) is available based on current student list, displaying the count of Males & Females in the GradeBook.
  • Select the Student Icon (7) to access the student's profile
  • To print a quick and ready (as of today) progress report, select the Download (8) icon

Preferences Tip: Available columns in the Student List (such as Mark, ID, Name, etc.) is completely up to you. You can always customize what you want to show up in any of your views by accessing Setup>Preferences.

Once a student is selected, some important features of the Student List View are the following:

  • Enter Call Logs/Notes (6) if you wish to enter or track any calls and notes for the student.
  • Users have the ability to Transfer GradeBook data (7) which allows you to transfer scores for a student between classes or even teachers. Learn more about this in our Enable Score Transfer/Transfer Gradebook Data lesson.
  • Selecting the name of an assignment (8) will take you into the Assignment List View, where you can see what all students received on that assignment.
  • Notes (9) can be entered in regards to the assignment and are considered Public and will be shown on the student and parent portal.

Call Logs/Notes

Call Logs/Notes

Student List View provides the ability to enter Call Log/Notes. This is where teachers can keep track of calls made home for a specific student. Once you click on Call Log, you will be taken to the Log Entries for that individual student.

To create a new Call Log/Note:

  • Enter the Call date (1) if different than the default of present day
  • Enter your Notes (2) about the call.
  • Set the Access Level (3) to this note. If it is Private, that means only you can see this note. If it is Public anyone you've shared your Gradebook with can see this note. These entries will never show in the Parent Portal.
  • Click Save (4) to save entries.
  • Select Return to Scoresheet (5) to return to the Student List View.

To delete or edit Call Log/Note:

  • Select Call Log once in a student's assignment screen
  • Select the Delete checkbox for the entry you wish to delete
  • You cannot edit call log notes, only delete and reenter

Please note, this is the only place that Call Log/Notes are available. At this time, any Call Log/Notes are not available in Custom Reporting.

Next Steps

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Found a favorite setting? Update your gradebook preferences by using the Setup Gradebook Preferences lesson.