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Enter Assignment Grades Using the Spreadsheet View

By default, all Gradebooks begin with the Spreadsheet view. This preference can be changed in your Gradebook preferences, as described in the Setup Gradebook Preferences lesson. The Spreadsheet View is a great way to see all your students and assignments at a glance, enter large amounts of data at once, and jump off into assignments or students easily without changing screens or to other views.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click Gradebooks tab.

2. Select My Gradebook.

3. Click on any of your Gradebook classes.

4. Select the View tab.

5. Click Spreadsheet.

Notice, a Spreadsheet (Excel) and (PDF) version are available for download at any time and will reflect the most current gradebook in your account.

Spreadsheet View Basics

Spreadsheet View Basics

The following are basic tips when entering assignments and scores:

  • If you press Enter on your keyboard after typing each number it will automatically place you in the next box down.
  • If you press Tab you will move 1 box to the right. The student's grade/mark will not update until you stop for a few seconds and/or press enter.
  • Type an X to indicate an assignment as Excused (1), meaning the student should not be penalized for not having a score for an assignment (e.g., the assignment will not impact his or her grade in any way - it will be as if the assignment never existed for this particular student).
  • Dark gray colored boxes indicate assignments that occurred before or after a student is actually in a class (they are referred to as Schedule Date Exception). This way you are able to enter scores for assignments regardless of the student's rostering dates. The student is automatically excused from assignments if he or she was not rostered to the teacher at the time the assignment was given, but once scores are entered the scores will effect the grade. If you want the assignment to remain excused, you must let the field remain blank.
  • Light gray colored boxes indicate assignments are not currently counting towards a student's grade either due to the assignment due date or the grading period has passed.
  • Hover your mouse over the assignment name (2) to Edit, Fill Down (Scores), Manage Links (to Assessments when applicable), Delete or Duplicate the assignment information, not grades or scores.
  • To see Tags associated with an assignment, hover over the tag icon near the assignment name (3).

Keep in mind that every score is Saved automatically after you enter it. This can be disabled in your Gradebook preferences.

Navigating Spreadsheet View

Some important features of the Spreadsheet View are the following:

  • The Input Mode (1) can be adjusted to points, score, or percent to indicate how information you type should be treated. By default, entering by Points is enabled. For example, if Points is selected as your input mode, then whatever you type will be treated as points (as opposed to scores or percents).
  • Select column heading arrows (2) (e.g., name, mark/grade, and assignment name, etc.) to sort rows by the data in that heading . If you click the column header a second time, it will resort the data in the reverse order.
  • Select a student's name (3) to jump to the Student List view
  • The Column Per Page (4) dropdown allows you to set how many assignments you want to see.
  • Page links allow you to jump to more assignments when additional pages are available
  • Icons (5) in the assignment name represent the category that the assignment was tied to.
  • When a note is applied to an assignment, a red triangle displays at the top right of a cell. Simply hover over the red triangle to see what the note is.
  • At the bottom of the view, the end of each column, Class Averages(6) is available for overall and each individual assignment.
  • Select the Student Icon (7) to access the student's profile
  • To print a quick and ready (as of today) progress report, select the Download (8) icon

Downloadable Options

Downloadable Options

An additional option only within Spreadsheet view is a downloadable version in PDF or Excel formats. When selected, it will provide an Excel or PDF version, that will download the most recent and current grades as seen in the gradebook.

Next Steps

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