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Overview of Teacher Gradebook Reports

This lesson is an overview of the different Gradebook reports available and how to access them.

Where to start

Where to start

You can find many of these reports two ways:

1. Click on Gradebook > You will see all of your report options here, select the report you would like to run.


Click on Gradebook > My Gradebooks > Select a Gradebook > Reports

*For an entire lesson on generating Progress Reports, click Here.

Report Options

Report Options

Once on the main page for the report selected, you can select the options you would like to appear on your progress reports (click on the arrow to the left to access the options):

Student Options- You can choose to filter through your students by date, rostering (Single Period/Course/Section) and demographics. This is optional, if you do not select any of these filters the progress reports will run for all of your currently rostered students.

Grade Filters- You can chose to filter by a specific value of the grades to be shown. For example, if 'greater than or equal to 75%' is chosen, only grades greater than or equal to 75% will show up on the progress report.

Grading Period- Select the grading period you would like to report on.

Page Options- You can chose to separate students on to separate pages.

Display Options- This is all optional customization you can select based on how you want information grouped and named.

Once all of your options are selected, click View Report to see a preview in your browser, or Download PDF to print your reports.

Grade Search Report

Grade Search Report

1. Input the lowest and highest percentages you are searching for.

2. Select what Grading Period you want to search.

3. Rostering Active As Of- This will show a student's grade book grades based on only the classes they are rostered in according to the date they enter. So, for example,  to find students with D's and F's in only their current classes, the user would enter today's date in the 'Rostering Active As Of' field.

4. Student Options- you have the option to select a site (If you have access to more than one) and then filter by Visibility (Student Groups), Department, Teacher, or Course.

5. Click Run.

A list at the bottom will generate with Student ID, Last Name, First Name, Teacher, Gradebook, Score Last Updated, Percentage, Mark, and Grading Period.

Class Grade Report

Class Grade Report

This is a list of students, in alphabetical order with their current grade mark, percentage, points total/possible, zeroes, missed, absences, tardies and when calculated.

Assignment Report

Assignment Report

This a list by student of all of their assignments listed by Assignment, Percentage, Mark, and Points Received/Possible.

Standards Report

The Standards Report allows teachers to generate a report that shows students scores for each standard linked within the GradeBook and the assignments linked to that standard. For each standard, the report shows the overall percentage, mark, and points.

Standards Progress Report

Standards Progress Report

The Standards Progress Report breaks down student progress on each standard linking to assignments in your gradebook. It reports an Overall Percent Correct as well as a Mark (Performance Band Color Coded) for each standard.

Next Steps

For additional resources on Gradebook Reports- See Illuminate U's lesson: U230 Gradebook Reports