Getting Your GradeBook Ready for the Next Term

This lesson is for Teachers to prepare their Gradebook for the next term or grading period. For the filter to correctly display create at least one new assignment with a due date in the new grading period (Assignment > New Assignment). For Assignment assistance, please visit our Assignments help document.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click the Gradebook tab.

2. Select My Gradebooks and click on any of your Gradebook classes.

1. Click Filter and then Edit Filter.

2. Enable the Assignment filter

3.  Select the next grading period that applies to your grading term.  For example, if it is second semester, select the Trimester 2 grading period.  When it is 3rd timester, you will uncheck Trimester 2 and select Trimester 3.  If you are on semesters or quarters your grading periods will be named appropriately.  

4.  Click Save Filter.

NOTE: You will repeat this process for each Gradebook you need to use for the next term.

Next Steps

For more assistance on filters, please see our help document Create, Enable, and Disable Gradebook Filters.