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Reconcile an 'Unknown' Student Answer Sheet

This lesson will guide you through assigning a student to their scores if you received 'UNKNOWN' as their name in the Score Distribution list immediately after scanning.

Where to start

Where to start

At this point, you have scanned answer documents and are on the 'Save & View Results' page. At the bottom, where you see a list of your rostered students, you see an 'Unknown' instead of a student name, to take the first step to reconciling this, click on the word 'UNKNOWN'.

Reconcile Student Name

Reconcile Student Name

The 'Reconcile Student Name' box will appear, now:

1. Type in all (or part of) a student's name to find them in Illuminate.

2. Click 'Search Name'.

3. Search results will populate under 'Search Result', select the bubble which matches with the student you want to assign these scores to.

4. Select 'Set Name'.



Once 'Set Name' is clicked, the 'Reconcile Student Name' box will disappear and you will see the student name instead of 'UNKNOWN' and this score will be tied to this student.