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Browser noplugin for GradeCam

This will guide you through the use of noplugin for GradeCam which is a browser based plugin which will cause GradeCam to run through your Internet browser and will not need any additional downloads. 

Q: Will this affect me if I already have the normal GradeCam plugin installed?

A: Users who still have the normal plugin installed on their computer will not be affected yet until one of two things happen; 1: NPAPI is disabled on your browser (manually or automatically by Chrome update), 2: You uninstall your current plugin. You will notice a small change in the interface of the scan window.  

NOTE: All cameras should work with the No-Plugin options with the exception of ELMOs. There currently is only one known ELMOs that will work with the Noplugin and that is the ELMO M0-1. If you have an ELMO, the only other option is to use the ELMO in a different browser. Use Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. You will  follow the same protocol as before, install the regular GradeCam plugin, and the ELMOs plugin.

Currently if you have no plugins the install page looks like this:

Currently if you have no plugins the install page looks like this:

With noplugin it will look like this:

With noplugin it will look like this:

You will have the option to install the GradeCam plugin or continue without it. To start the noplugin version, select the continue without. Keep in mind that since it is a browser based plugin,it is a little slow to startup. It will then ask for permission to allow or block camera, please choose allow. 

If you are having problems getting the camera to communicate with the NoPlugin in Google Chrome, you may have to clear out the cache for the browser. You can clear the cache for Chrome by going to Menu > Setting >  History > Clear browsing data > Clear cache and plugin data (beginning of time) > Clear Browsing Data. 

Additionally, there is a change on how the different camera settings are handled. Since it is a browser based plugin, to change the camera you have to change it on the address bar. Once it is changed, you have to refresh the page to engage the new setting.  Beyond these differences, it has the same functionality as the other regular plugin. 

NOTE: The biggest issue with noplugin is that it will not work with ELMO currently. If you are using ELMOs, you have to use a different browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer with the regular plugins until GradeCam comes up with a fix.