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Scan Student Responses Using a Sheet-Fed Scanner

We highly encourage users to "scan" student answer sheets using a webcam or document camera. Web or document cameras provide students and teachers with immediate assessment feedback and does not require any additional personnel or time for processing.

However, if your district wishes to use a traditional scanner (e.g., Fujitsu 6130 or Brother MFC machine) you can use your scanner to scan student answer sheets onto a computer as JPEG, PDF, PNG or TIFF image files in a folder on your computer. You can then use this file folder to process the images into an assessment.

This lesson will help you process student answer sheets in Illuminate. While we provide you with some guideline's on how to scan your sheets into a file, we cannot provide technical support for your sheet-fed scanner. Please consult your scanner's user manual or support center for help scanning sheets and saving them as one of the supported image types.

Illuminate Permission

Illuminate Permission

In order to Process images from a file, you will need to have the GradeCam Plugin installed.

Install GradeCam Plugin for PC

Install GradeCam Plugin for Mac

You will not be able to complete this lesson/process unless you have the ability to see and use the "Process images from a file" option in the Tools tab. If you don't see this option, please contact your district's Illuminate administrator to request this permission.

Suggested Guidelines for Scanning Sheets

Suggested Guidelines for Scanning Sheets

You must use your scanner to scan sheets as JPEG, TIFF, or PNG files into a folder/directory on your computer or file server. Please consult your scanner's manual or support center for how to use your scanner.

There are several basic requirements that need to be met in order for this feature to work correctly:

The only accepted file formats are JPEG, PDF, PNG, TIFF, and multi-page TIFF.

All files must be scanned in Grayscale and NOT Black and White.

The scanned images must be saved into their own folder; saving these images into a folder with Word documents, Excel files and other image files will result in an error and possibly prevent the system from processing the images.

All images must be scanned at 8.5"x11" (Letter size).

The resolution for each file must be between 150 and 300 DPI.

It is recommended you consider how to best store and access scanned images. This will vary depending on how your scanner or copier is set up.

Note: GradeCam will process all the images in the file folder you select. Keep all the images of a particular assessment together in the same folder. DO NOT put images not associated with the select assessment into this file folder as this may cause an error when processing.

Let's Begin

Let's Begin

Once in Illuminate, click Assessments >> List Assessments. This will load the List Assessments page. Find the assessment you wish to scan student responses into and click on the scan camera icon on the left or click on the assessment's Title and then click Scan Student Responses on the following page.

Note: If you are creating a new assessment, you may not use the sheet fed scanner to scan the answer key. You may either use a webcam or document camera to scan the answer key, or you may manually enter the answers.

Click Process images from a file.

Locate File on Your Computer

Locate File on Your Computer

1. Navigate to the folder on your computer that contains your student's answer sheet images.

The same, single file folder must contain all image files you want GradeCam to process into your assessment. Make sure you are accessing the right images for your particular assessment!

2. Select a folder. Click OK.

You might be prompted to verify certain student responses (e.g., a student left some answers blank or bubbling is unclear). Note these important features:

1. The student ID of the answer sheet in question is displayed at the top of the verification screen.

2. You may change answers as necessary. Click on an empty bubble to fill it, or a filled bubble to empty it.

3. Click Accept to make any changes take effect.

4. Click Ignore to ignore the message and let the system attempt to re-scan the sheet.

Proceed to Results

Proceed to Results

When all files are done processing, click Save and View Results to save the results. Then to save this as an assessment, select Save as an Assessment.

Next Step

Once you have saved the student responses, you will be able to access the data from within the Assessment's Overview page.


Having trouble scanning? Please contact your District admin or view our Scanning Troubleshooting help documents for further assistance.