Install GradeCam Plugin for Mac

This lesson will walk you through the installation steps on a Mac.

Do you have an older version of the GradeCam plugin and want to update? Click Here!


Install GradeCam Plugin for Mac-Where to Start

Install GradeCam Plugin for Mac-Where to Start

1. Click Assessments.

2. Under General, click Create a New Assessment.

Create a New Assessment

Create a New Assessment

1. Select 'On The Fly' to be taken directly to the scanning screen.

2. Enter the number of questions for your assessment.

3. Click Okay.

Download the Plugin

Download the Plugin

When you arrive at the scanning screen, you will see above prompt in the scanning window. Click on Install the GradeCam Plugin.  This will redirect you to the GradeCam downloads page. Click Download to start downloading the plugin.

You will see the plugin download in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Double click the plugin download and the GradeCam installer folder will be placed on your desktop.  Open the folder and double click the Install icon.

A security warning screen will appear.  Click Open to start the installation.

A message will appear that the plugin was successfully installed.  You will need to restart your browser before attempting to scan.

Having trouble downloading and installing the GradeCam plugin? Please contact your district administrator to receive further assistance.

Next Steps

Try scanning again.  Use the "Scan Student Responses with GradeCam" lesson if needed.  

If you are still unable to scan, please view our "Scanning Troubleshooting" help document for further assistance.