Install GradeCam Plugin for PC

GradeCam has developed a plugin which increases scanning speed and accuracy. This lesson will walk you through the installation steps, which you will only have to complete once.

Do you have an older version of the GradeCam plugin and want to update? Click Here!

Note: GradeCam is designed to be installed without needing administrator permissions on a computer. However, some districts have deployed the GradeCam plugin as an administrator. If this is the case in your district, contact your IT department for help with the software installation.

Do you want to information about deploying the GradeCam plugin on multiple PCs at the same time? Check out our help document designed for IT professionals Here.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click Assessments.

2. Under General select List Assessments.

1. When viewing your assessment list you may click the scan icon to enter the scanning screen, or...

2. You may opt to open the assessment by clicking on its name and then clicking Scan Student Answer Sheets on the screen that appears thereafter.

You will be prompted to to Install the GradeCam Plugin via the scanning window. Click on the Airplane to be direct to the GradeCam plugin downloads page.

Downloading the Plugin

1. Click Downloads to start downloading the GradeCam Plugin.

2. On most browsers, the download will appear in the bottom lefthand corner. Once the download is finished, Open the download by double-clicking on it.

When opening the GradeCam Plugin, a security pop-up may appear. Select Run to start the installation process.


Once the GradeCam plugin is finished installing, click the GradeCam All Done! pop-up and restart your browser.

Once your browser has restarted, you will be able to re-log in to Illuminate and begin scanning. Please view our "Scan Student Responses with GradeCam" help document if you are unsure of how to start scanning.

Having trouble scanning? Please view our "Scanning Troubleshooting" help documents for further assistance.