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Scanning with ELMO or AVerMedia Cameras

This lesson only applies to people with ELMO or AVerMedia document cameras. The GradeCam plugin will work with most standard USB cameras without any additional setup. If you have a normal camera, please check out our Install GradeCam Plugin for PC or Install GradeCam Plugin for Mac.

Not all models of the ELMO or AVerMedia cameras are supported. Click Here to find out if your camera will work with GradeCam.

ELMO Cameras

You need two things to use your ELMO camera with GradeCam:

  1. The GradeCam ELMO Plugin
  2. A USB cable connecting your ELMO and your computer

1. The GradeCam ELMO Plugin

You can download the latest version of the GradeCam ELMO plugin on the Illuminate GradeCam downloads page here: Scroll down to the section titled ELMO Plugins and download the version designed for your operating system.

2. USB Cable

2. USB Cable

You must have the USB cable connecting your ELMO camera to your computer. Depending on your setup, you may also have a VGA cable connected from your ELMO to your computer or your projector, but the USB cable is required for GradeCam to be able to process images.

If your camera is not working...

A way to check to make sure your ELMO camera is working correctly is to use ImageMate version 3.02 (PC) or 3 (Mac). ImageMate 3 works with ELMO TT-12 and TT-02 cameras.

What next?

Once you have everything installed and your ELMO connected to your computer via USB, you should see an image

If GradCam is still not working, check to make sure there aren't any other programs, like Image Mate, using the camera. Only one program can use your camera at a given time. Please close all programs or browser tabs except for the window you're scanning in to make sure nothing else is using the camera.

If you're still having problems, give our helpdesk or your district admin a call.

AVerMedia Cameras

The standard version of the GradeCam plugin (Install Plugin for PC /Install GradeCam Plugin for Mac) works with AVerMedia cameras, however you'll still need to have the latest version of AVerMedia's A+ software suite. Go to AVer's support site, select your camera, and download the A+ software.

Need More Help?

If you're having trouble, check out the "Scan Student Responses with GradeCam" lesson or the "Scanning Troubleshooting" help document or contact your district admin or our help desk for further assistance.