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Scan Student Responses with GradeCam

You will need a document or web camera for this action.

GradeCam is a fast, easy way to scan student responses and instantly determine their performance. If you also use the Illuminate Student Information System's GradeBook and Parent Portal, you will also be able to see student performance there as well.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click Assessments.

2. Under General select List Assessments or select to Create a New Assessment. Please view "How to Create a New Assessment" for further assistance.

List Assessments

1. Click clear to remove any previous search filters and type the name of the assessment you want to access.

2. When viewing your assessment list you may click the scan icon to enter the scanning screen, OR...

1. Once in your assessment Overview page, select the Administration tab.

2. Click Scan.

First GradeCam Use

First GradeCam Use

If this is the first time you are using GradeCam, Illuminate will prompt you to install the plugin.  For directions on how to do this, click the link that applies to your computer.

Install Plugin for PC

Install GradeCam Plugin for Mac

 If you would like to proceed without installing the GradeCam plugin, see the help document here.

Pick a Scanning Mode

Pick a Scanning Mode

There are 2 different scanning modes. Whichever mode you pick, you should stick with it for your entire scanning sessions (i.e., do not jump back and forth between modes during your scanning session).

Pick Teacher Mode if you want all students' results to display on the screen as they are scanned. This will also allow you to click Show which will list the questions a specific student answered incorrectly.

Note: Some privacy is offered because only the student ID is displayed.  

Pick Student Mode if you want each student's scores to display on the screen as they are scanned.  Press Enter on your keyboard after scanning to clear the screen so the next student who scans will not see how other students performed.

Scan Answer Document(s)

Scan Answer Document(s)

On your computer screen you should see what your camera "sees" (i.e., if you see yourself on the screen, it means your document/web camera is pointed at you). When you are ready to scan your first answer document, you should do the following:

1. IF your camera is not displaying in the scanning window, click the Tools button. This will provide a link to your Settings select the camera you want to use and other camera settings (e.g., to "flip" the camera if the image on your screen shows your answer document upside down based on how you want to place it). For more information on GradeCam Settings, Click Here.

2. Place your answer document so that the entire black box (as outlined above) appears clearly (and upright) in the camera window. Since the image is not mirrored, moving the answer document to your right will move it to the left on the screen, and vice versa. Please view our Scanning Troubleshooting lessons for more details if you are having trouble.

IF you are scanning in Teacher Mode, you can scan student sheets consecutively after the sheet is registered by GradeCam (signified by a beep and the addition of the student's score to the list).

IF you are scanning in Student Mode, once the sheet has been registered, press Enter on your keyboard to clear the screen before the next student scans (thus keeping results confidential). When finished with your last student, click Teacher Mode and then Yes (as shown above).

Note that GradeCam also has an Autosave feature that you can opt in/out of when scanning assessments. If you opt out of using this feature, make sure to press Save & View Results > Save as Assessment to keep the results. Note: This feature does NOT work with On The Fly Assessments.

When Finished Scanning

When Finished Scanning

When finished scanning click Save & View Results to save the results. If you do not click this button, the results will not be saved. It is suggested that users save response every 20-30 minutes.

Note: You can always return to the scan more student response.

Next Steps

If you experience any problems scanning, please see the Scanning Troubleshooting lessons for additional support. Also, for additional resources on Scanning- See Illuminate U's lesson: U300- Find, Print and Scan Assessments